Ma and Jananee - Jalpaiguri, West Bengal

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NGO: Samagra Uttarbanga Loka Kalyan Kendra
Funding Required: CHF 8000 per year
Number of children benefited: 100

Organisation initiated by elderly and retired local people to improve the nutrition, sanitation and education of families below poverty line (BPL). Their activities include setting up self-help groups in BPL communities, developing rural sanitation marts, a national child labour survey and running two day care centres (Jananee and Ma).

Asha Zurich will now fund the two day care centres. These day care centres receive about 70-100 children (age 3-7) from two different slum areas in Jalpaiguri. The children come from families of day labours, where both parents and sometimes, elder siblings work all day. The younger children are often left to themselves. The centres receive these children, give them some modest nutrition, clothing and health care, organise games and basic education so that they may join the primary school.

Jananee is already a modest success story. It receives children from the Karalachar slum, which gets flooded several times a year and mostly populated by immigrants. Jananee has a permanent building with a room where the children study and eat. A very small clinic where a volunteer (doctor) gives health care once in a while and a play grounds. The children are given some warm food in the morning and the centre runs half a day.


Ma has been established recently. For lack of funding, the day care is now being conducted in the shack of an elderly lady labour and is often flooded. Children cannot be offered warm food and the shack gets flooded very often. Personal donations are rare and cannot be counted as a regular income. Money promised from the government is still pending.


Asha Zurich has proposed to fund the following:

  • Partially fund the establishment of a permanent day care centre for Ma: land, building, and furniture.
  • Partially fund the recurring costs for Jananee and Ma: food, clothes, health care, study-material.
  • Contribute towards a increased honorarium for the teachers and carers (they receive only a extremely modest amount and haven’t been paid for the last few months as the government funding is pending).
  • Fund a training programme for the teachers so that they are better able to steer the children towards primary school education
  • Fund a few scholarship and incentives so that children attend and then are encouraged to continue their education at the local schools.

Project Status: Being funded by Asha Zurich (since 2007)
Amount Transferred To Date: CHF 13'100.00
Project contact: Priyanka Chahar - priyankachahar(AT)yahoo(DOT)com
Detailed information on the project is available at Asha for Education's Project Database

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